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Elementary Choir Rehearsal Notes



Please have your part 2 split from ms. 87-end. Half on small group and the others on part 2.

I personally like singing the final word/note "Free" on measure 97, instead of ms. 95.

For words with Dipthongs, example: Night & Light, please have your students focus on the first vowel instead of quickly going to the last one. (This is really for sustained notes) for example: Night would be sung as N-AH-ee-t. focus on the ah vowel more and have the second vowel sound come in at the ed with the consonant. - Same concept in "Fly Away Home"

Rock, Paper Scissors

On the word "rock" sing it like Rahk tall ah

ms33-44 - please have the students start thinking of actions that are possible to be done on risers for each of these parts. This will save time during our rehearsal if this is played with before hand.

at ms33-36 (just altos) on the Rock section

ms37-40 Have everyone learn the paper section just in case they are in the middle of the choir.

ms 41-44 (Just sopranos) Learn the scissors section

ms 45 - everyone back to their respective parts


Notes will be coming

Three Quotes by Mark Twain

As written for all songs.

III. My Dear Mother

Please focus on tall ah vowel for Mother. That way it isn't too heavy on the Ugh.
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