Middle School Band

Middle School Band


SEKMEA In-Person mini-conventions are cancelled for 2020-21. Auditions and nominations for honor groups will be held online. Rosters will be published.
2020-21 SEKMEA MS Band to use Recorded Auditions
SEKMEA will use online recorded auditions for the MS Honor Band.
Festival Scores information video
Directors should watch this short video to become familiar with the Festival Scores audition system.

Audition Event Tags
Winds and Mallets - D84XMFP
Snare and Timpani - XPYX3ZK

Auditions are to be uploaded by directors.
This year Middle School Honor Band is a recorded audition with an ensemble roster that will be posted as in other years. The only difference being that there will be no in-person clinic or performance. This is our first run of recorded auditions, a process that we will continue to use in the future for Middle School Band Auditions.

Directors will be receiving parts and the score to the audition music which consists of a one octave chromatic scale and three etudes. They have been written in a way that will allow you to rehearse them in class as a full ensemble. There are three excerpts, but each student will only record two. See more information below.

Jan 4: Distribute Audition Excerpts
Feb 8: Submission Window Opens
Feb 28: Submission Window Closes at 11:59:59 PM
Mar. 2: Judging Window Opens
Mar. 14: Judging Window Closes
Mar. 17: Publish Roster

Wind and Mallet Auditions
Each audition will consist of three audio files saved in mp3 format.

  • mp3 file 1 - Chromatic Scale
  • mp3 file 2 - Etude #2
  • mp3 file 3 - Etude #3
Brass & Mallets
  • mp3 file 1 - Chromatic Scale
  • mp3 file 2 - Etude #1
  • mp3 file 3 - Etude #3
Snare and Timpani Auditions
Each audition will consist of two audio files saved in mp3 format.
  • mp3 file 1 - Excerpt #1
  • mp3 file 2 - Excerpt #3
If you are a middle school director more info will be sent in January about judging auditions.

This year's cost for MS Auditions will only be the $2 per completed audition. This covers the cost of using Festival Scores. We are waiving the remainder of the fees this year since there is no clinic or performance.

For an audition to be completed you must have all excerpt audio files for each student uploaded and submitted by the February 21 Submission Window Closes date. If you only have a portion of the uploading done by the deadline for an individual student, that submission will not be accepted by the system and you will not be charged.

This year has been challenging in a lot of ways, but I encourage you to work on these excerpts with your students and submit auditions. We all know the benefits of participating in events like these. Whether students are in class, remote, or quarantining, they can participate in this event. We've tried to make this as educational as possible in hopes that you find it useful in your classes.
Felicia Graves
Frontenac HS
208 S Cayuga
Frontenac, KS 66763
w: 620-231-7550
Important Dates - MS Band
Oct. 31, 2021 - Sun
Audition Upload Deadline — MS Band
Late entries will not be accepted

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