Middle School Band

Middle School Band


Michael Oglesby, Missouri Southern

Important Dates
Sep. 1 - Distribute audition excerpts
Oct. 1 - Audition uploading begins
Oct. 31 - Audition Upload Deadline, 11:59:59 PM - Late entries are not possible.
Nov. 7 - Judging ends
Nov. 10 - Roster published
Jan. 15 - Clinic & Concert @ Chanute HS - $5 participation fee per selected student

Audition Registration
Auditions for SEKMEA Middle School Band are submitted by directors via the Festival Scores audition management system.

Festival Scores information video
Directors should watch this short video to become familiar with the Festival Scores audition system.

2021-22 Audition Event Tags
Winds and Mallets - TBA
Snare and Timpani - TBA

Use the SEKMEA Invoice Generator to create your fee invoices. An invoice print-out must be included with each payment. Make checks payable to Southeast KMEA.

Directors will be receiving parts and the score to the audition music which consists of a one octave chromatic scale and three etudes. They have been written in a way that will allow you to rehearse them in class as a full ensemble. There are three excerpts, but each student will only record two. See more information below.

2021-22 Audition Excerpts
Each audition will consist of audio files saved in mp3 format. For an audition to be completed you must have all excerpt audio files for each student uploaded and submitted by the upload deadline. If you only have a portion of the uploading done by the deadline for an individual student, that submission will not be accepted by the system.

Audition Notes
  • Chromatic scale should be a 1 octave Concert Bb scale - slurred up and tongued down
  • Excerpt 1 Dynamics: mp < f > mp
  • Excerpt 2 Dynamic: mf
  • Excerpt 3 Dynamic: mf
Each audition will consist of three audio files saved in mp3 format.
  • Flute: Chromatic scale, #1, #2
  • Oboe: Chromatic scale, #1, #2
  • Clarinet: Chromatic scale, #1, #2
  • Bass Clarinet: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Alto Saxophone: Chromatic scale, #1, #2
  • Tenor Saxophone: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Baritone Saxophone: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Bassoon: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Horn in F: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Trumpet: Chromatic scale, #1, #2
  • Trombone: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Baritone (TC/BC): Chromatic scale, #1, #3
  • Tuba: Chromatic scale, #1, #3
Each audition will consist of two audio files saved in mp3 format.
  • Timpani: #1, #3
  • Mallet: #1, #2
  • Snare: #1, #3
Participating directors are expected to assist with judging. Update your director profile in Festival Scores with your areas of expertise. This will help identify directors for judging each section, which will be assigned by the chair.

Felicia Graves
Frontenac HS
208 S. Cayuga
Frontenac, KS 66763
w: 620-231-7550
Important Dates - MS Band
Oct. 31, 2021 - Sun
Audition Upload Deadline — MS Band
Late entries will not be accepted
Jan. 15, 2022 - Sat
Clinics & Concerts — MS Band, MS Choir, Elementary Choir
Chanute HS
$5 participation fee per selected student

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