SEKMEA Invoice Generator

This invoice generator does not register students for SEKMEA honor ensembles. Register your students first. Then create your invoice(s) here.
A $100.00 late fee will be charged after March 1st for unpaid fees.

  1. Fill out this screen to generate a printed invoice for your SEKMEA registrations.
  2. Click on the "Generate Invoice" button at the bottom when ready.
  3. Print the next screen (the invoice) and include a copy with your payment.
  4. Checks should be made out to Southeast KMEA.
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I am reporting information for all students from my school.
I am reporting information related only to part of my school's program.
Expect a form from another director as well.
Payment is enclosed or will be mailed shortly.
Fee Details
Select the appropriate number of students for each fee item, then click on 'Generate Invoice' at the bottom. The following screen will display the total amount.

Ensemble Type Amount x # of Students
HS Band Audition Fee - Regular $5 x
HS Choir Audition Fee - Regular $4 x
HS Jazz Band Audition Fee - Regular $5 x
HS Orchestra Audition Fee - Regular $5 x
MS Band Participation Fee No fee for 2020-21
MS Choir Participation Fee No fee for 2020-21
Elem. Choir Participation Fee No fee for 2020-21

Check this box to confirm that you are ready to generate your invoice.

Then click on the button below.