Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

High School Jazz Band


Ryan Heinlein

Important Dates
Oct. 16 - Audition Registration Deadline - $5 per audition
Oct. 22 - Audition Registration - Late Deadline #1 - $25 per audition
Nov. 3 - Audition Registration - Late Deadline #2 - $50 per audition
Nov. 4 - Audition Registration - Late Deadline #3 - $100 per audition
Nov. 4 - Auditions @ Pittsburg High School
Nov. 15 - Clinic & Concert @ Pittsburg State University, Bicknell Center - $15 participation fee per selected student

Audition Registration
Auditions must be entered online in the KMEA Members site. Each school will be a member of the KSHSAA or a KSHSAA Approved School and be in good standing with the organization.

Use the SEKMEA Invoice Generator to create your fee invoices. An invoice print-out must be included with each payment. Make checks payable to Southeast KMEA.

Audition Excerpts
The audition is the same as the state level except there is no sightreading and improvisation is optional.
KMEA All-State Jazz excerpts

Audition Procedure
  • Student's name, audition number, and audition time are posted outside the audition room.
  • Door/room monitor announces the number of the student auditioning to the judges.
  • Auditions are to be blind with the student behind a screen.
  • Auditions for SEKMEA High School Honor Ensembles will be live auditions with the following exception: The only allowable exception is for students unable to attend district auditions due to participation in NAfME All-National Ensembles. The procedure for a recorded audition will be as follows:
    1. Teacher will take a video recording of the student performing the entire audition material in one take.
    2. Submit to the district President no later than 7 days before auditions.
    3. The district President will review the audition to ensure the correct person auditioned and done in one take.
    4. The President will then forward an audio-only copy to the appropriate ensemble chair who will be responsible for playing the appropriate cut of the audition for judges on audition day.
Judging Rubrics (rev. June 2020)
Horn Sections Rhythm Section Drum Set
Andrea Dinkel
Galena HS
8th & Lincoln Dr
Galena, KS 66739
c: 913-522-0859
w: 620-783-4499
Important Dates - HS Jazz Band
Oct. 20, 2024 - Sun
Audition Registration - Late Deadline #1 — HS Choir, HS Band, HS Jazz Band
$25 per audition

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