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For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

HS Band Audition Info & Procedures


HS Band Info
  1. Band student's grades 9 through 12 are eligible to audition for this group.
  2. Every school with students auditioning for band/choir will be guaranteed at least one student placed in either the band or choir.
  3. Excerpts will be taken from the state audition list which may be found on the state website ( Scales and sight-reading will also be part of the audition.
  4. If a student is auditioning for both the band and choir, please indicate this on the Student Registration Form and also indicate the student's "first choice" if he/she is selected for both groups. No changes in preference (band or choir) may be made after the registration deadline by a student or instructor.
  5. All students who are auditioning MUST be accompanied by their instructor and the instructor will be required to participate in judging/audition activities. In the event of an emergency, the director must send a qualified substitute to judge or help with auditions. Please return the Band Judging Preference Form so we may assign you to your preferred area of judging.
  6. Results of the band auditions will be posted on the district website as soon as they are available.
Audition Procedures
  1. ALL auditions are to be blind with the student behind a screen.
  2. ALL auditions for SEKMEA High School Band will be live auditions with the following exception: The only allowable exception is for students unable to attend district auditions due to participation in NAfME All-National Ensembles. The procedure for a recorded audition will be as follows:
    1. The student's teacher will take a video recording of the student performing the entire audition material in one take.
    2. Submit the video recording to the District President no later than 7 days before the actual audition date.
    3. The District President will review the audition to ensure the correct person auditioned and the recording was done in one take.
    4. The District President will then forward an audio-only copy to the appropriate ensemble chairperson who will be responsible for playing the appropriate cut of the audition for judges on audition day.
  3. In case of instrumentation shortages, the chairperson will fill spots, according to audition information, as they deem necessary.
Audition Material and Process
NOTICE - SEKMEA will draw from the same audition material as KMEA. For wind instruments, instrument specific audition packets can be found here: KMEA All-State Winds and Percussion Audition Excerpts. Percussion requirements are listed in the provided link as well as below. For the 2023-24 audition cycle percussionists will audition out of the same solo/etude books as last year.

Music Requirements for the Live Audition (Wind Players)
  1. A chromatic scale slurred up and tongued down, quarter note MM= 60, as written on the instrument specific audition packet.
  2. One major scale, as written on the instrument specific audition packet, with up to 4 sharps or 4 flats. Quarter Note MM= 60. Memorization is not required. All scales will start on the notes indicated on the scale sheet for their instrument. Each scale is non-transposed (i.e., if a trumpet player is asked to perform a C scale, they will be expected to perform a C scale on their instrument, not a C concert scale.) The major scale for each instrument will be posted by the band chairpersons on the morning of live auditions.
  3. Sections from the required etudes/solos in the instrument specific audition packet.
  4. Sight reading.
NOTICE - Errata can be found on the KMEA All-State Winds and Percussion Audition Excerpts page. SEKMEA will observe all changes indicated on that page for district auditions.

Music Requirements for the Live Audition (Percussionists)
  1. Selections from the required etudes/solos as listed below.
  2. Sight reading.
Percussionists may audition in one or more areas, but a separate entry and payment must be submitted for each audition.

NOTICE - The following percussion excerpts will be used for 2023-24 only.

26 Etudes, The Solo Timpanist, Vic Firth, published by Carl Fischer (04402).
Play all of Etude II and Etude III.
Beginning of Etude III, M.M. dotted-quarter = 69.

Masterpieces for Marimba, arr. Thomas McMillan, published by Belwin/Warner Bros. (PROBK 1202).
Play page 10 and 11: "Sonata" by Handel.
Observe the first repeat; omit the second repeat.

Snare Drum
Portraits in Rhythm, 50 Studies for Snare Drum, Anthony Cirone, published by Belwin Mills (HAB 101).
Play all of Etude #11 on page 13.
Play all of Etude #6 on page 8.

Excerpt Reductions
Excerpt reductions for SEKMEA Wind and Percussion auditions will be posted by September 1, 2023.
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Oct. 20, 2024 - Sun
Audition Registration - Late Deadline #1 — HS Choir, HS Band, HS Jazz Band
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