Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

High School Choir Audition Procedure

  • Students will audition on the required state literature.
  • Students meet in the auditorium/gym for instructions. They will go through the audition passages for each voice part.
  • Students names and numbers are posted at their respective audition rooms.
  • Auditions are to be blind with the student behind a screen
  • The door monitor will announce the student' number to the judges.
  • There will be a person designated to start the CD The student performs their audition without director and without stopping or re-starting the CD.
  • There will be 3 judges per room and will score the student's audition on a rubric which will be stapled together and sent to the tabulation room where the scores are totaled by one director and double-checked by another director for accuracy.
  • Results will be posted on the district website as soon as they are available.
  • Every school with students auditioning for band or choir will be guaranteed at least one student placed in either the band or choir.
  • Auditions for SEKMEA High School Honor Ensembles will be live auditions with the following exception: The only allowable exception is for students unable to attend district auditions due to participation in NAfME All-National Ensembles. The procedure for a recorded audition will be as follows:
    1. Teacher will take a video recording of the student performing the entire audition material in one take.
    2. Submit to the district President no later than 7 days before auditions.
    3. The district President will review the audition to ensure the correct person auditioned and done in one take.
    4. The President will then forward an audio-only copy to the appropriate ensemble chair who will be responsible for playing the appropriate cut of the audition for judges on audition day.
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Important Dates - HS Choir
Sep. 1, 2023 - Fri
2023-24 District-State HS Choir audition registration opens

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