Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

High School Orchestra Roster


Violin 1
  1. Brianna Boucher, Parsons HS
  2. Adelynn Nolan, Fort Scott HS
  3. Keira Fawson, Iola HS
  4. Kalibre Smith, Iola HS
  5. Evalyn Axthelm, Independence HS
  6. Madelyn Armitage, Parsons HS
  7. Rebekah Coltrane, Iola HS
  8. Erin O'Connell, Pittsburg HS
  9. Allie Wards, Fort Scott HS
  10. Josephine Stewart, Riverton HS
  11. Katelyn Dancer, Fort Scott HS
  12. Stewart Davenport, Fort Scott HS
  13. Andrew Philipp, Pittsburg HS
Violin 2
  1. Joseph Cervantes, Parsons HS
  2. Caitlynn Tate, Fort Scott HS
  3. Maddie McDermeit, Iola HS
  4. Alexis Tourtillott, Fort Scott HS
  5. Caroline Barnes, Fort Scott HS
  6. Citlali Salas, Pittsburg HS
  7. Brenda Arruda Andrade, Burlington HS
  8. Charli Stafford, Fort Scott HS
  9. Arianna Smith-Eastwood, Fort Scott HS
  10. Adriel Pina, Iola HS
  11. Alexandrea Blattner, Independence HS
  12. Lillian Ward, Parsons HS
  13. Hadrian Zurek, Pittsburg HS
  1. Makenzie Taliaferro, Parsons HS
  2. Bethany Hilderbrand, Riverton HS
  3. Greg Studyvin, Fort Scott HS
  4. Zedd Pruett, Iola HS
  5. Myles Sweigart, Parsons HS
  6. Hannah Decker, Independence HS
  7. Ruby Reyes, Pittsburg HS
  1. Dellany Torres, Independence HS
  2. Jericho Jones, Fort Scott HS
  3. John Ravenscraft, Fort Scott HS
  4. Izzy Tyson, Iola HS
  5. Ania Brown, Pittsburg HS
  6. Conner Barcus, Parsons HS
  7. Evan Valdez, Parsons HS
  8. Addy Hetlinger, Parsons HS
  9. Carly Martin, Riverton HS
  1. Joaquin Miranda Diaz Gill, Pittsburg HS
  2. Kellen Pool, Fort Scott HS
  3. Caden Valdez, Parsons HS
  4. Sypher Cannon, Fort Scott HS
  5. Bella Rahming, Iola HS
  6. Landan Swafford, Parsons HS
  7. Brelin Summers, Parsons HS
  8. Lajay Bowers, Independence HS
  9. Kyla Lewis, Independence HS
Amelia Markley
Riverton HS
6860 SE Hwy 66
Riverton, KS 66770
w: 620-848-3386
Important Dates - HS Orchestra
Oct. 26, 2023 - Thu
Audition Upload Deadline — HS Orchestra
Late entries will not be accepted
$5 audition fee per completed audition
Dec. 2, 2023 - Sat
Clinics & Concerts — HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra
Pittsburg State University, Bicknell Center
$15 participation fee per selected student

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