Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle School Band Roster


Roster | Festival Scores
  1. Leah Burnett, Chanute-Royster MS
  2. August Mooneyham, Girard MS
  3. Chloe Espinosa, Chanute-Royster MS
  4. Jaedyn Nash, Parsons-Meadow View GS
  5. Isabella Godinez, Chanute-Royster MS
  6. Rylee Smith, Girard MS
  7. Katie Alonso-Valdivia, Pittsburg Community MS
  8. Keeley Reed, Galena MS
  9. Samantha Roberts, Caney Valley
  • Ava Tierney, Parsons-Meadow View GS
B-flat Clarinet
  1. Sheridan Byrd, Iola MS
  2. Anna Beth Myers, Galesburg MS
  3. Autumn Waggoner, Chanute-Royster MS
  4. Brayden Baker, Chanute-Royster MS
  5. Reina Thomas, Pittsburg Community MS
  6. Cameron Hodge, Pittsburg Community MS
  7. Olivia Reed, Galena MS
  8. Karma Cole, Pittsburg Community MS
  9. Bettie Watts, Mound City-Jayhawk Linn HS
  10. Tyson Coon, Eureka Jr/Sr HS
  11. Adrianna Leiker, Pittsburg Community MS
  12. Rachael Felix, Mound City-Jayhawk Linn HS
  13. Colton Payden, Coffeyville-Roosevelt MS
  14. Ava Favela, Galesburg MS
  15. Sienna Almarzan, Galena MS
  16. Abigail Stansbury, Girard MS
Bass Clarinet
  • Kaytlynn Rasmussen, Galena MS
Alto Saxophone
  1. Kevon Loving, Iola MS
  2. Ben Heiman, Iola MS
  3. Zackary Miller, Galena MS
  4. Lily Gilreath, Altamont GS
  5. Layleigh Sullivan, Galena MS
  6. Zoe Novotny, Chanute-Royster MS
  7. Aubrey Battaglear, Coffeyville-Roosevelt MS
  8. Annabelle Spencer, Mound Valley GS
Tenor Saxophone
  • Ben Fager, Iola MS
  1. Deakin Hanner, Chanute-Royster MS
  2. Joshua Wanker, Iola MS
  3. Isabel Gabehart, Parsons-Meadow View GS
  4. Jairo Hernandez, Pittsburg Community MS
  5. Gavin Crager, Pittsburg Community MS
  6. Matthew Gore, Eureka Jr/Sr HS
  7. Joshua Schoenhofer, Chanute-Royster MS
  8. Alex Ludwig, Parsons-Meadow View GS
  9. Leia Vaughters, Mound Valley GS
  10. Tanner Holt, Mound City-Jayhawk Linn HS
  1. Isaac Myers, Galesburg MS
  2. Emmah Henson, Galena MS
  3. Helena Philipp, Pittsburg Community MS
  4. Andrew Sykes, Altamont GS
  5. Isaiah Farfan, Galena MS
  1. Echoe Lee, Parsons-Meadow View GS
  2. Raiden Stowell, Iola MS
  3. Ethan McLaughlin, Pittsburg Community MS
  4. Nathan Womack, Iola MS
  5. Mark Bennetts, Pittsburg Community MS
Baritone TC
  • Robert Nelson, Pittsburg Community MS
Baritone BC
  • Audrick Driskill, Altamont GS
  • Nathan Starmer, Altamont GS
  • Tyson Crusa, Galena MS
  1. Brynlee Elrod, Pittsburg Community MS
  2. Ginger Weathers, Altamont GS
  3. David Phillips, Girard MS
  1. Isaiah Geisler, Iola MS
  2. Tripp Mathes, Iola MS
  3. Piper Tromsness, Pittsburg Community MS
  4. Kinsley Lassen, Parsons-Meadow View GS
Delani Vogrin
Pittsburg Community MS
1310 N. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762
w: 620-235-3240
Important Dates - MS Band
Oct. 29, 2023 - Sun
Audition Upload Deadline — MS Band
Late entries will not be accepted
$5 audition fee per completed audition
Jan. 27, 2024 - Sat
Clinics & Concerts — MS Band, MS Choir, Elementary Choir
Pittsburg Middle School
$15 participation fee per selected student

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